Watermelon Fruit Cakes – The Next Gen Birthday Cake

I often think of children’s birthday parties full of tooth achingly sweet foods, and to top it off the sweetest of all sweets – the birthday cake. When did we start accepting nothing less than a cake full of all the bad stuff as something we celebrate with? Why is it not socially acceptable to provide alternatives at children’s parties?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shield my child from chocolate, cakes and all the rest of it but I am conscious that I am his role model. I choose to show him (and his birthday guests) that it is okay to celebrate with healthy alternatives.

fruit basket 1

At my son’s birthdays, I have both healthy party foods and the more traditional types too. Without a doubt, fruit is the most popular (and fortunately the simplest) food with kids. The trick is to choose a variety of brightly coloured fresh looking fruits that look appealing.

With that in mind, the time has come… I can’t hold this secret in any longer… I have got to show you how to make the most amazing, bright, beautiful birthday cake in six steps.

And you won’t believe that it takes less than 30 mins to do and will be the biggest hit at your next party. You will WOW your guests and leave them inspired. Most importantly, the children will be excited about what they have just seen and eaten.

I have made these watermelon cakes a number of times and the designs truly are limited only by your imagination.

Okay. Time to go shopping…

Fruit Basket

You will need a variety of fruit – the best option is to choose the ones that are in season. For this cake, I chose raspberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit, grapes and strawberries. The key is that the base of your cake is a whole uncut watermelon and the topper a whole uncut rockmelon. From there, let your imagination run. Get the kids involved if you like! You will also need both long skewers and tooth picks.





Skin Watermelon


Step 1: Remove the skin and white rind. Cut off both ends of the whole watermelon as straight as possible and turn it upright. Carefully carve around the side of the watermelon, removing all the peel and trying to leave as much flesh as possible behind.



Skin Kiwi Fruit


Step 2: Remove the skin of the rockmelon and kiwifruits using the same method as the watermelon




Watermelon and Rockmelon Watermelon and Rockmelon (2)Step 3: Position the rockmelon on top of the watermelon and secure in place with two long skewers. I used 250mm bamboo skewers. Start from the top of the rockmelon and push the skewers right through until they sit flush with the top of the rockmelon and have secured it to the watermelon.




Decorating Watermelon Cake Decorating Watermelon Cake 1Decorating Watermelon Cake 3

Step 4: Now it’s time to decorate! Slice the skinned kiwi fruit about 1cm thick and place around the watermelon body. Secure these in place with a toothpick, leaving about 1cm of the toothpick poking out. Use blueberries to cover the pointy end of these toothpicks.



Decorating Watermelon Cake 4


Step 5: Halve the strawberries and decorate the rockmelon body using the same method as you used to secure the kiwi fruits on the watermelon.




Watermelon Cake (2)


Step 6: Take as many long skewers as you like (I used seven) and thread on the blueberries, raspberries and grapes in whichever order you like. This is your chance to get creative. Leave about 1/3 of the skewer without fruit as you will push this end into the fruit.



You can use any fruit you like. Be mindful that some fruits will brown over time (like apples and bananas).

What I love about this cake is they are so unique every time you make them and you don’t need any special skills or set of tools to make them look amazing.

Watermelon Cake 3

I hope I have inspired you to try something a little different next time at your child’s birthday, I promise you the children will love it!