The Journey Continues

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I know just how busy you are, so I’ll jump straight back into it…
So, we got 2300km into a 15000km journey around Australia and have pulled up in Broome. I have found my passion for children and forged a career in early childhood education. Jacob has entered the world and we have decided to create the Kimberley’s first online toy shop. Chris and I talk it over in between nappy changes, bottle feeds, settling, sleeping and our daytime jobs. We have it sorted… Or so we thought…

Turns out a website isn’t just a website, suppliers aren’t just suppliers and customers aren’t just customers. After a short while, we realised that we were about to embark on a steep learning curve.


After a number of lengthy phone calls to a few web developers, we selected one that we felt were on the same wavelength as us. And here enters the plug… We selected Web Wizards to work with us and help us to design, build and grow our business. They are great and we continue to have an awesome relationship with them.

boabs-in-the-kimberley Our first step was to create a company identity. Who were we? What do we stand for? What do we want to achieve? Thankfully, we had already talked this over and our vision was set. In order to create an identity, we had to find a name. Given we were based in the Kimberley, we wanted something native… Something organic and something that represented freedom, growth and durability. I felt that the boab tree reflected everything we stood for. It is a tree native to the Kimberley that, with the right care, will grow rapidly as a juvenile, then mature wisely as an adult. It is resilient to external pressures and can live to thousands of years old. They hold a special place for indigenous persons to the area and are looked at with aw by visitors.

There was no doubt that the great Kimberley boab had to form part of our name. With Boab Toys locked in as our name, we set out to design a logo. We wanted something that represented growth, fun, our name and our product all in one. After a few concept designs, plenty of negotiations with Chris and an understanding from our designer, we settled on this logo:


I love this logo because it conveys everything we are about. The three boab trees progressively grow and mature, gaining height and leaf density with time. Much like our loved ones. Although we may not always notice it, children grow, change and develop every day.
Chris and I were so excited about how the project was progressing. We had a name, a logo and I already had my eye on a fair few products to stock. This was the most exciting part of our project. I spent months online searching for products, making phone calls and meeting people. Our inventory list was beginning to grow.

I set myself some guidelines that products had to meet before they made the list. Firstly, the products had to be made from wood and/or hold significant educational value. Secondly, the toys had to be made from sustainably grown timber and manufactured by companies which had a strong social and environmental emphasis. That meant that the manufacturers had to use best practices and treat their staff right… We were not going to support ‘sweatshop factories’. Thirdly, all products had to meet or exceed Australian safety standards. And finally, they had to be FUN. Kids had to enjoy playing with them. By following these rules, I knew that we could provide you with the greatest line of wooden and educational toys you have ever seen.
I ran the list past Chris and, just like that, we had our very first line of toys. It was the line that would appear when our website went live. It would be the starting point of an ever expanding range of quality products. How exciting!
While Chris and I were working on the shop front, our developers were busy working behind the scenes. They had built the ‘back end’ of the website, making sure it was both safe and functional.
The next step was to begin writing and uploading content to the website. Easy right?

Apparently websites don’t just look great, and work even better, just by coincidence. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of patience, plenty of writing and some trial and error before the end product emerges. It was well worth it though, because we know that what we have brought to you works, is safe, secure and user friendly. We know that you will love using it and I would love to hear about your experiences.

joy-and-hapinessNine months from first contacting our web designer and we receive the email we were anxiously waiting for… “Your website is live”.
My heart skips a beat. Boab Toys has been created! We are live and there for the world to see.
With the site up and running, we had plenty of support. The community received us well and we are now in the next stage of our business – establishment and growth.
Stay tuned for our next blog to see where we want to take Boab Toys and what it can do for you.
Thanks for reading,