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This website is owned by Boab Toys (ABN: 12 670 442 236), herein referred to as “the website”, “this website”, “us” or “we”. Visitors to the website are referred to as “you”, “your”, “user”, “visitor” or “customer”. By continuing to view, browse and shop on this site, you are unconditionally agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below. This website is governed by the state of Western Australia.


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External Links

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Special Offers and Coupon Redemption

Special offers appear for a limited time only. Boab Toys reserves the right to amend or withdraw a special offer or promotion at any time and without notice. Discounts do not apply to already discounted prices, taxes or freight unless specifically stated in the promotion. If a coupon code is required to redeem a special offer, that code must be entered at the time of the purchase and cannot be redeemed retrospectively.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers may be purchased through the online store and posted out to a chosen mailing address. All Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be purchased for any nominal amount. Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for shipping costs. The voucher code is required to be entered in at the time of payment and cannot be used retrospectively.


Boab Toys is not responsible for any liability associated with loss, liability, damage, personal injury or expense which may be suffered by you or another third party as a result (directly or indirectly) to your access and use of this website. This includes, but is not limited to any information contained on the website, you or your companies personal information and information transmitted over our system. The website owner or any third party will not be liable in any way or form for losses, liability, damage, personal injury or expense as a result of delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions.


The integrity and security of information between you and our website cannot be fully guaranteed. Boab Toys does not accept any liability for the safekeeping, transmitting and overall security of information sent to and from our website and related servers. You are responsible for ensuring necessary steps are taken to ensure such security. This includes the employment of third party software such as anti-virus and security protection software. By using this website, you acknowledge that any information sent to/from this website is done at your own risk.


Occasionally, access to this website may be denied due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance or system failure. Boab Toys does not take any responsibility for such restrictions and may, at its discretion, block individual users from accessing the website by any means.


Payment of goods purchased is not considered received until all funds have been cleared by relevant financial institutions and those institutions are satisfied that such funds have not been obtained through fraudulent, deceptive or misleading conduct. Boab Toys must receive the full purchase price before the purchase is considered final.

Where you are directed to a third party payment processing site, such as PayPal, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the third parties site and accept that Boab Toys cannot and will not be held accountable for any losses or damages, financial or otherwise, caused by the use of that website.

Returns and Exchanges

Product returns can only be made after Boab Toys provides written authorisation acknowledging the return. Customers may return unopened products within 14 days of receipt of the item for a full refund (in the form of store credit) less any shipping costs. Returned items must be returned in its original, unopened packaging with all seals intact, shrink wrapping and protective materials present. Boab Toys will reject any returns, which do not meet this condition. As Boab Toys cannot take responsibility for losses or damages caused to any item on the return shipping, it is advised that you carefully pack the item with protective wrapping such as bubble wrap and send via registered post.

In the event that you received faulty, misrepresented or damaged goods, you must inform Boab Toys, in writing, within seven days of receipt. Should you be required by us to return the item, it must be done at your expense. We will review the item and offer a replacement item, store credit or full monetary refund less shipping costs.

Correspondence submitted by the Customer

Boab Toys encourages users to ask questions, post ideas, comments and reviews, however, users are not permitted to make threatening, obscene or inappropriate statements that are illegal, politically motivated, in poor taste or crafted to offend. Users may not make false or misleading statements. Any such correspondence will be removed and may result in criminal and/or civil proceedings.

All correspondence by the customer remains the property of Boab Toys, who, at its discretion, may use, reproduce, modify, distribute, publish and/or display at its discretion.

Correspondence by users that are made publicly available are the express views of the author. Boab Toys will not be held responsible for its content.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Boab Toys reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions as it deems necessary and on an ad-hoc basis. By continuing to use this website, the user unconditionally agrees to these Terms and Conditions and any changes that have made.


Boab Toys values your privacy and will, to a level reasonably expected, ensure that your personal information is handled appropriately and kept safe at all times.

Omissions and Errors

Boab Toys prides itself of providing only accurate and up to date information. While we cannot entirely eliminate omissions or errors, Boab Toys will never intentionally mislead or provide false information. Incorrect pricing, weight, size and product features can, on occasion, occur. Boab Toys reserves the right to amend or remove content and/or products without notice.