Wheely Bug – Ladybug


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Product Description

This is the original Wheely Bug. They were first released as a ladybug and this still proves to be one of the most popular designs. The bright colours and wobbly antennae attract children's attention straight away. Once riding, watch as their confidence grows and they learn about how well these things move. Wheely bugs are a safe and fun way for children to foster their own gross motor skills from a young age, right through to the toddler years. With a washable, padded surface these rid-on's are an easy clean.  The wheels are multidirectional, so your loved one will be able to move in any direction and the handle is made from aluminium to prevent rust. Give your loved one this thrill and they will thank you for years to come.

  • Skills: Gross motor, balance and confidence
  • Made from plantation timber and polyurethane leatheroid
  • Ages 2+ Years

Wheely Bugs began in 1995 in an Australian backyard. The ladybug design was first and it was made and tested by local childcare centres. The feedback was incredible and the Wheely Bug began larger scaled manufacturing shortly after. Company growth and demand sent the manufacturing to China, where they are built in an American owned factory by local staff. The staff are all over 18 years and are paid above award wages and given food and accommodation.

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