Happy Hour Clock


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Product Description

There is no better way to teach children how to tell the time than with this large hand held clock. Children are able to move both the big and small hand around to allow them to discover both minutes and hours to change the time. With clearly labelled O'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to this will give direction to the different times of the day and spark conversation as to their own routine at that time. Discuss night, day, what time they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. These significant times in their day will help children to recognise and remember the time on the clock. Made from birch wood and non toxic paints.

  • Skills: time awareness
  • Made from birchwood and non toxic paints
  • Ages 3+ Years
  • Measures 29cm across

Hape is a leading manufacturer in high quality bamboo and wooden resources. Each toy is developed to encourage play based learning at its best. Hape's innovative, sustainable designs represent the next generation of play reflecting Hape's strong belief in "Children don't play to learn, children learn because they play".

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