Galactic Putty – Cosmo Glow


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Product Description

Stretch, twist, bounce and enjoy! Our Galactic Putty is the BEST anti-stress fidget putty in the galaxy*.

Taking glow-in-the-dark to a whole other level! This putty might look innocent enough in the
daylight… but enter a dark room and watch it brightly glow. The putty is charged simply by exposing it to a bright light. The brighter the light the longer it will glow.

This putty can be stretched, pulled, moulded and even bounced! They are reusable,
non-toxic and mess free.

Suitable for ages 3+ years

*these claims have not been scientifically proven!!!

Proudly Australian owned and designed, Tiger Tribe toys are perfect for little hands with big minds. Each day, kids are bursting with energy to explore and with Tiger Tribe, play becomes an imaginative journey.

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