Move and Groove

Children love to move and groove. They are probably always in your pots and pans cupboard at home. Smashing and bashing making all sorts of interesting sounds. They get so much enjoyment out of it and the expressions on their faces are priceless.

Have you ever noticed the effect different sounds and movements have on the way you feel? If we are feeling a bit tired, a great song can pick us up. If we need to relax, slow music or the sounds of nature may be all we need.

The link between sound and feelings is well documented. Sounds have the ability to trigger emotions, affecting moods and actions. This section allows you to explore our range of musical instruments, and toys that will assist children to get up and moving.

By encouraging physical movement, you are assisting your child to develop a range of skills including eye-hand coordination, cause and effect reactions, emotional intelligence, social development and independence. You will also be assisting children to express themselves through sounds and movement so they can learn how to effectively deal with emotions.