Little Feet Fast Asleep – The Magic Of Comforters

I wake up to the sound of tip toeing down the hall. Its just on light – maybe five in the morning – but I’d have to say it’s a sleep in. I know that the total peacefulness that comes with a cosy bed is about to be turned upside down. All you parents know what I’m talking about. The door handle rattles and slowly moves. Then the door flings wide open! Bang! It hits the wall. “Hallo” our two year old son yells as he barges in ready to party. May I remind you its five am! He stands at the foot of our bed with the biggest smile on his face. Waiting. I guess to see how we will react. “Come on then, jump in” I murmur. I am actually excited now and am looking forward to a morning cuddle with our boy. He bolts over to his dad’s side, and yells his favourite things “dadda, baby, cuddle?” He climbs up, baby in hand and snuggles up to his father. Mum misses out again!


Baby is a very important doll in our toddlers life. Baby needs to be held and cuddled the right way and always gets the biggest space in the bed. Baby spends the best part of the day with our son, keeping him safe wherever he goes.

That’s the unique thing about these safety nets. They are often given to an infant and it stays with them for a good number of years. Maybe many of you have still got your comforter stored at home. The one that helped you get through those tough days learning, playing and growing.

Comforters play a massive role in a childs life. For some children, it’s a cot sheet, for others it’s a rattle, toy car or maybe a doll. It doesn’t matter what it is, it will always be important to them. It is the very thing that they feel safe with.


These little life savers become more important when young children know they are going to be separated from parents or family. They play a key role in assisting children to connect with the world around them. It gives them confidence to stray a little further from their parents/caregivers and in turn allows them to develop more physical, emotional and social skills. It is, if you like, a bridge that links dependence on parents with partial independence.

Bear Blankie

Comforters can be given to children as an infant (although you should select one with safety and age appropriateness in mind). Introducing it at sleep time is often to easiest way as they immediately create a link between it and you being away. A child’s desire to have their special item with them is strongest between the ages of one and three, although it may be earlier and later. You will notice that children will slowly need it less and less as they develop the skills they need to be independent.

Choosing the right comforter to introduce to your loved one can be difficult. Make sure you keep in mind safe sleeping for infants if they are introduced very early. Blankets and soft toys should be avoided for young babies. Ever Earth have a fantastic range of comforters which are lightweight, making them a safer alternative than a blanket or sheet.