It’s time to hit the shops!

Shopping is a big part of our lives both as children and adults. Whether we are heading out to grab food to make dinner, choosing a new shirt or buying a gift, chances are our children come. On one hand shopping is a necessity, but on the other its a learning experience. Children watch how you select the best apples, what you do to test if the meat is tender and the process of order while waiting in queue. They will even take note of how you interact with shopkeepers and friends you incidentally bump into. This is a crucial part of children’s growth as they learn vital social and life skills and learn about correct food choices.

By providing your loved one with toys that allow them to role play, you will be helping them to solidify skills they are learning through observation everyday. Boab Toys stock wooden cash registers, wooden fruit and vegetables, food kits and life sized stalls to help your loved one can grow the way nature intended it.