Children love to build things. They love to create. And they love to test the theories of cause and effect. You will notice children stack pots and pans, cups or toys. They might let it get to a certain height and then knock them over. They might close in a section to create a tiny cubby house or build something that might resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Children’s desire to create things with resources close to nature is so important to their development as they try and work out gravity, structural strengths and develop spatial awareness. Building is most fun when it’s a team effort and friends and family joining in will certainly harness social and emotional development.
We stock a variety of natural and coloured wooden building blocks, Block-Nex construction sets, wooden tool kits, wooden work benches, tree houses and the ever popular Buildex range. The gift you select from this section will have a lasting effect on your loved one and will surely be something they can pass down from generation to generation.