Art and Craft

Arts and Craft (or handicrafts) date back as far as the beginning of civilisation. People created masterpieces with their hands in order to tell stories, teach each other lessons and to celebrate through gift giving. In its essence, ancient paintings were the beginning of what we now know as handicrafts. The tradition continues through the post-industrialisation era as children and adults are encouraged to create things with their hands. Arts and Crafts have been recognised through educational institutions around the world as it promotes the development of life skills such as eye-hand coordination, problem solving, social interaction and development of emotional intelligence and provides a sense of self-worth and well-being.
As you browse our range of arts and crafts, you will notice that many of them serve more than one purpose. They encourage the use of a child’s imagination in order to help them develop real life skills. We are confident you will find the perfect gift that will help your loved one grow.