Eco Friendly

Promoting Sustainable & Eco Friendly Toys

earth-661447_960_720At Boab Toys, we are committed to both our society and our environment. We know that we must all live together to ensure long term sustainability. As a result, we have selected some of our range from organisations that have a strong commitment to our society and the environment.

We prefer to source toys from manufacturers that use only renewable timber. EverEarth are a fantastic company that contributes significantly to our environment. Through the EverEarth Plant A Tree program, you, the consumer has an unmissable opportunity to register and have one tree for every EverEarth purchase planted on your behalf. The idea of the program is to contribute to the reforestation of some of Asia’s decimated forests.

In addition to sourcing toys which are made from renewable timbers, we source products that are made with strong fair trade practices. QToys toys’ are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen in Vietnam and are employed in accordance with industry best practice. In addition, QToys train and upskill disabled children so they can forge successful careers as craftspeople.

Another great wooden toy manufacturer is Hape – the world’s largest producer of wooden toys. Hape have developed an incredible line of toys that use the highly renewable bamboo plant. Bamboo is a superb alternative to mainstream timbers due to its rate of growth, its flexibility, weight and strength. Because bamboo grows so rapidly, plantations can regenerate quickly to ensure an ongoing supply of a responsibly grown resource. Further, Hape has already built 3 schools in rural Guizhou, providing opportunities for over 3000 children and families. Hape are also currently building a world class early childhood education centre and environmental development facility in Gongtong.