QToys is an Australian based wooden toy manufacturer. They produce quality wooden and educational toys for the education and domestic markets. They believe that children are self learners and if we provide them with the right environment and right resources, they will learn as they play. Their products are designed to teach children reasoning and critical thinking skills. Their design team includes artists, educational experts, engineers and industrial designers. who together, create quality toys for your children. QToys products are hand crafted (80% made by hand) by talented craftspeople in Vietnam. They apply fair trade practices and develop staff to ensure they get a fair deal. QToys also run a scheme which trains disabled children to equip them with skills and employment for a lifetime.

QToys products are made from aged rubber tree plantations, where timber is traditionally cut down and burnt rather than recycled after their usable life. The toys are left to appear as close to their natural state as possible so children can remain connected with nature. Whether your after a wooden truck, wooden tree house, or 3D puzzle, QToys have some great alternatives to help your loved one grow the way nature intended it.