Dutch for ‘children’ and ‘bicycle’, Kinderfeets is a wooden balance bike designed to ease the transition to a pedal-powered bike. But this is no ordinary treadlie…

A Kinderfeets balance bike is a gift from father to son. It is something that will instill pride, passion, freedom and determination.

The design is different from an ordinary balance bike as they have foot pegs for gliding, airless tyres, ergonomic feel, washable seat cover and the all important chalkboard finish. These really are the ultimate in its class.

Not ready for a big one… Why not check out the trikes? These have the same unique design features as the two wheeler, except they are smaller and suited to younger kids. When your loved one is ready, simply convert the three wheeler into a two wheeler and keep the fun rolling.

Use them at home, take them to the park or pack them on holidays. Your loved one will want to take it wherever they go.