Bamboo – the plant that instills peace and tranquility to many around the world. Found in the tropics, this is a fast growing renewable grass. It is an ideal alternative to timber products. It does not require pesticides, herbicides or irrigation. Already used widely in textiles, furniture, gardens and cooking, its application in the toy industry has just been rediscovered. Used by the Chinese for many years, this grass’s history in the toy industry dates back to 500BC. Its no wonder it has returned to offer itself as a reliable, safe and sustainable product.

Bamboo provides strength and durability due to its flexible nature. The grass flexes rather than breaks, allowing years of play for children. The toy can be finished with non toxic paints, plant dyes or even steam treated. Steam treating bamboo causes a chemical reaction within the fibres and causes it to darken (similar to caramelising sugar on a pan). The longer it is exposed to heat, the darker the product becomes.

Here, you will find only the highest quality bamboo toys including rocking horses, cars, animals, motorbikes and planes.