6 to 8 Years

Supporting children’s development is an important part of parenthood and plays a vital role in building self-confidence in every aspect of their lives. While structured school-based education is important for 6 to 8 years, we often forget the value of play as children grow older.
There is nothing better than introducing games that support a wide range of skills at this age. By providing them with valuable fun tools to learn, your loved one will develop a greater understanding in a relaxed environment with no pressure to perform. We all learn in different ways and children are most defiantly no exception to that.
You will be able to keep learning light hearted with our range of puzzles and games designed to be engaging, stimulating, and most definitely fun for the whole family. Whether you are after mathematical games, literacy games or problem solving games, Boab Toys have the perfect gift for you. All our games allow for multiple players, so why not switch off the TV and sit down with the family. Believe me, everyone will benefit from this quality time together!