1 to 2 Years

By the time children reach 1 to 2 years, you may be thinking your baby is growing up too fast. You will notice the change in their level of dependence and they will want to start doing things themselves. Don’t take a back seat though, children of this age still requires plenty of reassurance. The bonds they formed with their caregivers as a baby will continue to strengthen and they may even begin to test the boundaries you set.
They are on the move and rapidly discovering the world around them, picking up on new concepts and putting them to use. You will notice this age group thrives off repetitive play and are beginning to take greater risks! It is important to provide children with appropriate resources to encourage them to learn through play.
1 to 2 year old’s love turning knobs, pushing buttons, playing with simple puzzles, looking at pictures, stacking things and making sounds. We have a wide range of wooden toys to provide your child with the best possible opportunity to develop to their full potential. Don’t forget to check out our ride-on’s, wooden balance bikes, wooden puzzles, games and more.