0 to 12 Months

Watching infants grow and develop is a very special time in your life. Their rapidly changing body and personality will amaze you. What more could you want than being a part of their growth? It is important to provide infants with comfort and familiarity using toys they can relate to. We offer a fantastic range of comforters made from organic cotton and bamboo fibres for that super soft and gentle feeling on your newbies skin.
As infants mature, they will naturally become more curious. You can encourage this positive behaviour by providing them with resources that support fine motor skills. Ideal choices for babies include rattles, bead mazes and grasping toys. The skills children learn as a baby will provide the basis for all learning and development to come in the future. Be confident in providing children with the best opportunities in life by exploring our range of infant toys that have been carefully chosen based on their educational, developmental and engagement values.